History of Ancient Greece

Hist 430/CLHU 440: 3 credits
Fall 2017
TTh 2:00-3:15
East Hall 213

Mr Lehmann
Office Hours: 11-12 TTh and by appointment
East Hall 210
clehmann@usd.edu; clehmann.org

This course surveys the history of ancient Greece from the end of the Bronze Age to the Roman conquest. Lectures, readings, discussions, and slides will introduce students to the principal cultural, social, and political developments in Greece over this period.  The archaic and classical periods--from the time of Homer to Alexander the Great--will receive special attention. Moreover, the lectures, discussions, and term papers will give students theoretical and practical instruction in the method and practice of ancient history.

Each student must complete two examinations and a term paper of about ten pages on a problem in Greek history. Students should consult with the instructor as they choose their topics and secure his approval by 12 Sept. A bibliography that shows clear evidence of research is due 19 Oct; each entry must include an annotation explaining how you found the item and how it serves your topic. Do not include any dictionaries, encyclopedias, or web sites in your bibliographies; if you wish to include an article you consulted in a full-text database (eg, an article in JSTOR), give the citation for the print version. The paper is due 16 Nov and may be resubmitted by 30 Nov for a higher grade. Papers should conform to Chicago style: see K L Turabian, A Manual for Writers of Term Papers, Theses, and Dissertations, 8th ed (Chicago: Univ of Chicago Press, 2013), or The Chicago Manual of Style, 16th ed (Chicago: Univ of Chicago Press, 2010).

The final grade will depend on the two exams and the paper (50 points each).

ELECTRONIC-DEVICE-FREE CLASSROOM. Turn off and stow your electronic devices before the class begins. Students should attend all meetings, read all assignments, and participate actively in discussions. A student who expects to miss more than three meetings should confer with the instructor before the end of the second week. The instructor may drop students who cannot meet these requirements.

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Required Books


Reference Works

Schedule of Lectures and Assignments

22 Aug General introduction to Greek history
24 Aug Introduction to evidence and methods; Ancient Greece, Introduction
Discussion on Greek historiography: Herodotus and Thucydides (handout)
29 Aug Greek prehistory; Ancient Greece, ch 1
31 Aug The Late Bronze Age
5 Sept The Dark Ages and the Greek Renaissance; Ancient Greece, ch 2
7 Sept The Homeric World
12 Sept Discussion on Homer, Odyssey
14 Sept Social and economic tensions in the Greek polis; Ancient Greece, ch 3
19 Sept Hoplites and Tyrants
21 Sept The Spartan mirage and Lycurgan Sparta; Ancient Greece, ch 4
26 Sept Aristocratic Athens; Ancient Greece, ch 5
28 Sept Early Greek art and architecture
3 Oct Early Greek art and architecture
5 Oct Catchup and review
12 Oct Athenian democracy
27 Oct The Persian Wars
19 Oct

From Delian League to Athenian Empire; Ancient Greece, ch 6

24 Oct Discussion on Aeschylus, Oresteia
26 Oct Outbreak of the Peloponnesian War; Ancient Greece, ch 7
31 Oct Success and failure; Ancient Greece, ch 8
2 Nov Athenian society at century's end
7 Nov Discussion on Last Days of Socrates
9 Nov Classical Greek art and architecture
14 Nov Classical Greek art and architecture
16 Nov Hegemonial politics in the fourth century; Ancient Greece, ch 9
21 Nov Philip V of Macedon; Ancient Greece, ch 10
28 Nov Alexander III and the conquest of the world; Ancient Greece,ch 11
30 Nov The Hellenistic kingdoms and the coming of Rome; Ancient Greece,ch 12
5 Dec Hellenistic Culture; Catchup and review
Tuesday 12 Dec 12:30 - 2:30 pm: FINAL EXAMINATION