Clayton Miles Lehmann

Professor of History
University of South Dakota



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The Isles of Greece! 2017: The Sporades Islands
An interdisciplinary three-week course based on sailing yachts in the Greek islands.

Current Courses

Fall 2016

Western Civilization I
    Chronology Sheet
    Study Guide
    For old Western Civ syllabi click here.
    Slide Shows:
        Introduction to the Modern World
        Part 2, Ancient Near East
        Part 3, Ancient Greece
        Part 4: Ancient Rome
        Part 5: Medieval
        Part 6: Renaissance
        Parts 7-8, Absolutism to Revolution
        Part 9, Realism to Cubism
        Part 10, Late Modernism and Postmodernism
Roman History
Ancient Greek Art and Archaeology


Student History Conference

See the ΦΑΘ Page for information about this annual conference, sponsored by the USD Department of History.  The latest program is available here.

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